Coach Williams is currently coaching one of his least experienced teams in recent memory. Williams has always had the luxury of having experience plus talent when heading into the new ACC Basketball season, but this year, despite having a stellar recruiting class, has brought its difficulties.

Tonight’s game is more than just an ACC debut, its a litmus test for Williams to work out kinks and find his next consistent and aggressive shooter. Since losing four key players last year to the draft and graduation, Williams has yet to find his trigger. One would think that with a power point guard such as Cole Anthony, Williams would be confident in his season and the leadership of his freshmen, but if you know Williams, you know he’s big on experience and comfortability. Williams doesn’t shy away from working with what works and with so much uncertainty, its no surprise that he deems this pre-season as one of his most difficult, there’s no clear cut leader or identity of this team. Even for fans that’s unusual.

In the vide above, Williams dives into the difficulties and also announces that KJ is back working out with the team and Brandon Robinson is out. While we don’t know the extent of Robinson’s injury, it does seem to be a bit more on the serious side.

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