Is this that much of a surprise? CJ Anderson has been patienetly waiting to become apart of the Carolina offensive but it seems that they had other plans, or an expected rising of talent.

Today, the Panthers announced they will be waiving running back CJ Anderson. With this release, hopefully it will spark a team to snatch up a great running back who still has something left in the tank. Despite his departure, GM Marty Hurney realeased a statement,

“When we signed C.J. in the spring he saw a bigger role than he has had, and honestly, at the time so did we,” general manager Marty Hurney said. “But Christian McCaffrey has taken so much of the offense and so much of the plays, we just made the decision that this was the best thing for all parties involved.”

But is this really the best move? If you’re from the south, you’re familiar with the term, “dont go putting all your eggs in one basket”, and that seems to be exactly what the Panthers are doing. We are all aware that CMC is the second coming of Jesus and he is a force to be reckoned with; the kid is playing 95% of all the snaps, more than any other RB in the league, but are we running him into the ground? CMC seems to be the only reliable offense Cam Newton and company have with already over 1,00o yards and eight touchdowns, but giving CJ Anderson away to rely on Cameron Artis-Payne, who has yet to even play, doesnt seem to be most the ideal situation. Coming off a 1,000 yard season, Anderson seems to be the best backup for a star like CMC with the ability to give him veteran advice and longevity in a short term NFL position.

But regardless of what fans, or media, thinks, Hurney believes that CMC can handle the workload,

“Everybody has seen it. Christian is an all-around back who fits our offense perfectly,” Hurney said. “He’s a three-down player. He’s on the field all the time, and we feel really good about him.”

CJ Anderson heads into week 11 with the possibilty to snatched by another team, heres to looking at you, Buffalo.



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