Panthers star QB, Cam Newton, has suffered the final weeks with a frustrating shoulder injury; Without much information regarding its exact diagnosis and whether surgery is required. After a rough 6 game losing streak, the Panthers have decided to bench Cam Newton for the remainder of the season. The choice which was decided Wednesday afternoo in a closed meeting with Newton. 

After the Saints loss, Newton addressed questions regarding his shoulder and his status. 

“It’s shoulder soreness. I wish I could say what the injury is, but I don’t know myself. I’ve done everything, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t gotten work done to my arm. Stiffness, muscle tension, but it’s not something that’s gotten worse or better. Just is what it is. Frustration comes from when you do everything you can to make sure your body is at peak performance… it’s disheartening for me because of so much invested time.”

Coach Rivera explained his decision,

“It was a very good conversation with Cam, and he understood,” Rivera said. “He understood our thinking behind this and he’s disappointed, he’s frustrated. You know him; he wants to play. This is one of those things that, you know, we had a great conversation with him and he understands going forward.

“It’s a very difficult decision. I believe in him 100 percent. I really do. I believe he does everything he can to give us a chance to win. That’s why this is a tough decision, but it’s also I think the decision we need to make.”

Regardless who’s at the helms, the Panthers are preparing to fight for each other and fans continuing the season. As crazy as it sounds, the Panthers still have a weird chance of making the playoffs and while we won’t be hearing Cam Newton at the center yelling “READYYYYY”, I’m sure he’ll be yelling just as loud as the rest of fans at BOA. 

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