Surely, you’re asking who Kyle Allen is, but it’s obvious he’s someone the Panthers have full confidence in leading into Saints territory this Sunday for the final game of the NFL season.

Kyle Allen, former QB for Texas A&M, was never supposed to be a start for the Carolina Panthers. Just this offseason he was an undrafted fourth string QB who the Panthers never imagined finishing off their season, but with the recent string of unfortunate incidents from Newton shoulder injury and Heinicke elbow injury, Allen will start.

When I asked Rivera on his opinion of the opening start of Allen, Rivera grinned and stated that Allen was able to shake off some of those rookie nerves,

“Kyle had an opportunity to come in and play for a little bit of a quarter, and I thought he did a nice job. I thought his decision-making was good, I thought he threw some nice balls. He took pretty good control – It was kind of interesting to watch him, though. He has a tendency to walk towards the bench to get the signals, and we don’t have to signal anymore ’cause they’ve got the helmet radio hooked up. I think that’s a little something he’ll have to learn and get used to.”

Allen, who saw the field for the first time against the Falcons, threw 4 completed passes for 38 yards, and stated that playing with confidence was the key to his start.

“Over the years you build up this confidence that you know what you can do as a player and you know what you can do when you have confidence in the players around you,” said Allen. “I’ve been coached all year to do this stuff, so when your number’s called you’ve got to do your thing.”

Allen has worked tirelessly and stayed ready for the Panthers regardless of his status. Depite making the practice squad, then being cut, just to be brought back is a testiment of his readiness and the ability for anything to happen.

“I’m not going to quit,” said Allen. “I’m going to keep coming to work every day whether they call me, cut me, they bring me back. I’m going to come and I’m going to do my thing every day. I think it’s a testament to my mindset. I appreciate them trusting me, I appreciate them giving me that opportunity to go out there.”

With this Sunday being the last game for a few Panthers, Allen has the opportunity to send the Panthers out on a high note than the last 7 weeks. To end this season with a win will give fans and returning players something to look forward; a season of promise. Overall, Allen has the chance to prove to players anywhere who have professional sporting dreams, just be ready when your number is called.

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