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Quierra Luck got the opportunity to speak with two-time All Star First baseman Freddie Freeman on his partnership with Ace Brand and the Little League World Series. We also got the opportunity to sneak in some personal questions along with a fan favorite.

You’ve partnered with Ace Brand, the official sponsor of the Little League World Series, who are now providing digital baseball cards to commemorate their favorite moments on the diamond. How important is it for little kids to get their own opportunity to create their own cards?

I think its pretty cool. When you’re a kid your favorite big leaguers have baseball cards, your always collecting them and your giving these kids the opportunity to have their own. You can go to their Facebook page ( and create their own baseball cards. Its definitely a cool situation and something I wish I could have done when I was in the little league.

Growing up what type of baseball cards did you collect?

I collected anything with Chili Davis on it. He was my favorite player growing up. Also anything with the Angels, I loved collecting. I don’t collect much now only players’ autographs I want and I have them hanging in my house.

Being a little leaguer yourself, how did the little league shape you into being a two-time all star that you are now?

Little league was a lot of fun. You always think about becoming a big leaguer but as a kid, you never really think its possible. I had a lot of fun with the experiences I’lll never forget. I remember going at 8am and being there watching friends until the late hours of the night. I just remember it being a lot of fun.

What are some changes you have noticed in the Little League since you’ve played?

There haven’t really been any changes. I think that’s the beauty of baseball, there’s not really going to be any changes. That’s what makes baseball so beautiful it’s been the same for 140 years so the rules are set in stone. It’s the same ole thing just go out there and have fun.

Going into the second half of the Atlanta Braves Season, what are some things you want to do differently as well as the team?

I think personally there really isn’t much I want to differently, just being the guy in the middle of the line-up and being that consistent hitter. As a team, we had an up and down first half, got off to a hot start and we had a little where we were treading water and then we got hot again, now we are in a 4 game losing streak. I think it takes one hit to be back in, hopefully we can get back into the winning ways and carry that into the playoffs.

Fan Question submitted by Donald Battle: Why does Freddie Freeman wear long sleeve attire regardless of the weather?

I wear long sleeves because I lost my mother to Melanoma skin cancer when I was 10 years old so its kind of a little tribute to her. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, being in Atlanta you know it can get pretty hot. It’s mostly for my mother. Also being that I’m pale, I have moles on my arms so I cover them with long sleeves so I don’t develop skin cancer.

We want to thank Freddie Freeman for allowing us the time to interview him. Make sure you parents out there check out ACE Brand’s digital baseball cards for you little leaguers. You can visit them via Facebook at, lastly text ACEALLSTARS to 44844 from your mobile phone. You guys can catch Freddie Freeman on the field with the Braves as they finish out their season as well as catch him in the MLB All Star game July 15, 2014 on FOX.

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