We all remember Coby White being a shooter at UNC. Being one of the first players Coach Williams has seemingly trusted to go off the leash and relinquish fury on opponents. Heading into UNC, no one thought Coby would’ve been a lottery pick. He anticipated spending a couple of years at UNC before heading to the big leagues but a monstrous freshman year changed those plans.

In his rookie year with the Bulls, White has been shooting 21.2% from the 3, missing 33-38 attempts but last night, White had a little help from a special guest that seemingly turned his slump around.

In the building Tuesday night, White’s former college coach, Roy Williams, surprised him with a visit. It’s no secret that Williams visits his former players during the rookie years, and it seemed to work a little magic for White. With the game tied at 83-83, it seemed that the Bulls let their lead slip through their fingers giving the Knicks their second win over them during the season, but during the 4th quarter, White sparked shooting 7 three pointers causing the crowd to chant “Coby, Coby” and going on a 22-0 run giving the Bulls the win, 120-102. White also just casually happened to make Bulls History by being the first rookie in team history to shoot 7 threes in a quarter. The team record is 9 overall.

During his post game, Coby credits Williams giving him a needed pep talk.

“He just told me go to out there and be Coby,” White said of pregame advice from Williams. “That’s all I’ve got to do.

“If possible, can you come to more games?” White continued, regarding Williams showing up for his big night. “I haven’t shot like that in a long time.”

Its always bigger than basketball.

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