Drake told us, “sports and music is synonymous; we wanna be them and they wanna be us.” Luckily for fans, both realms have the revenue to accomplish both dreams, and some of them can make a solid crossover.

From Shaq, Kobe, Damian, Iman, Tony Parker (yes, I know) and countless others, fans have had the pleasure of seeing their favorite athletes adopt a new identity in the rap game. Some are successful, like Deion Sanders who not only played in a Super Bowl and World Series, but Sanders also made it to the charts with his album, you guessed it, “Prime Time”. Most athletes do it for fun or because they started hanging out with Drake and mysteriously think he rubbed off them, but there are others like JaVale McGee who is dedicated to not only making a dope record but a career.

JaVale McGee recently released his new album, “Pierre”, and from reviews, and my personal opinion, you might want to give this a few spins. McGee exceeded my expectations of what I expected this album to sound like. The album name “Pierre” originated from the name of his alter-ego who produces Hip-Hop, R&B and techno music. And Pierre isn’t looking for undeserved credit; He wants to work for your loyalty and collaborations.

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