It’s always heartbreaking when an athlete is injured during play but the stats surrounding this story makes it even more heartbreaking.

On Sunday as Washington was facing the Houston Texans in Washington, Smith suffered a horrific accident that a Hall of Famer QB knows all too well. Smith was sacked by two Texans, JJ Watts and Kareem Jackson, in the third quarter and his leg gave way which resulted in a break with his fibula and tibia. This injury is a story Washington knows all too well as to the date 30 years ago, QB Joe Theismann suffered the same fate and as a result, never played the game again.

Theismann spoke with the NYTimes,

“I turned away,” Theismann said. “And I wouldn’t watch the replay. It felt as if 1985 was yesterday. I had a sick feeling in my stomach and felt so bad for Alex. It’s a violent game out there,” Theismann said. “The fact is, as a player you have to protect yourself. And don’t count on the officials or the rules to protect you. You get freak accidents in every situation. Unfortunately for Alex, this was one of those freak accidents where he got his foot caught the wrong way.”

“But I just feel horrible,” he said. “I know how he feels. You’re in the heat of the game, the play breaks down and there’s a frenzy in the pocket with bodies flying around. And then, you know, I heard the bones pop.

“So, to see that again, there were just too many similarities. It breaks your heart. The ironies of life don’t make sense.”

Washington Head Coach, Jay Gruden, stated that Smith would have surgery immediately. Heres to a speedy recovery and continued prayers for Smith.


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