There’s something magical happening with UNC, even though this seems to be a statement said yearly by UNC enthusiast, but this year, in particular, seemed to be a little more dipped in adversity than previous years. From lineup issues, gelling freshmen, senior leadership questions, injuries and most recently Coach Williams bout with Vertigo, it seems like this season isn’t for the weak hearted.

“Really proud of our team.” Roy Williams said, “First team, North Carolina anyway, to go 9-0 on the road in the ACC, and I think that’s a fantastic accomplishment. Not one of our goals at the start of the season because we set long-term goals and short-term goals. We talk about being competitive at home and the road, but we never talk about our record, but still, I thought that was something good.”

Last night, UNC faced Boston College in their final road game of the ACC and defeated them 79-66. With 5 guys finishing in double figures, Johnson, Maye, White, Little and Williams, UNC seems to finally be hitting their stride heading into the most competitive part of the season, March Madness.

“After we lost to Michigan, that was pretty tough for us,” Luke Maye said. “We had to make a statement that we couldn’t lose any more on the road. Coach always talks about being the best team we can be on the road and I think we have done a really good job this year. The biggest thing is we have gotten better defensively.”

And while an undefeated ACC road record is quite the feat, UNC feels like things are finally clicking and they have the ability to defeat anyone. With the ACC and NCAA tournament around the corner, UNC isn’t just looking for road wins in conference play.

“Having our last true road game as a win is big for us, but we’ve got so many more games on the road coming up, neutral sites,” Maye said. “And we haven’t done so well on neutral sites… We are ready for the challenge.”

UNC faces Duke in their last home, Saturday @ 6pm.

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