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Our Founder/CEO

Known for her infectious personality and hustler’s mentality, Quierra Luck, or often referred to as Luck, is a journalist, content creator, and on-camera host residing in Raleigh, NC. While growing in the industry, Luck has found solace in bringing important issues to the camera while adding fan engagement. Working with brands such as Shadow League, Carolina Blue, Charlotte Vibe and Black Sports Online, Luck has had the privilege of sharing numerous stories and believes there are more left untold.

Becoming a sports and entertainment journalist isn’t the easiest route to take, especially in today’s social media driven world, but it’s been the experience of a lifetime that has prepared me for toughness professionally and personally. Upon this journey of finding my professional home, Luck has enjoyed the experience of getting to know the industries most daring and respected journalists. She’s had the opportunity to not only network with them but also the opportunity to learn and gain outstanding mentors. These mentors have prepared her for the grueling task of fighting for my dream of being on-air with consistency and aggression, while also honing my skills as a reporter, interviewer, and journalist.

Our Story

Sideline Brief has the hopes of bridging the gap between the entertainer and the fan; allowing you to connect personally with people you look up to the most. We strive to show the human side of our favorite people and prove that despite the glitz and glamour, they have their hard days but through it all, they find the hustle to keep grinding. If they can find the will to make their dreams come true, so can you! Find out their passions, quirks, and what makes them hustle.
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