Kennedy Meeks will go down in history as one of UNC’s legendary big men. With over 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds, Meeks has made his mark on UNC as much as the school took his heart.

College is the best part of your life; You learn who you are, learn from your mistakes (ideally), and prepare yourself for the real world, all while making lifelong friends. For an athlete, it must be harder. You spend most of your college days surrounded by 20 other people who see the best and worst of you. People who mature you in ways you never could’ve imagined, and forming a brotherhood that’s hard to disband. Kennedy Meeks is known for being the emotional one on the team. Encouraging his team to be better every step of the way and providing an outlet when they need it.

Meeks was among the student athletes during break away interviews. Among the questions of his preparation for tomorrow’s game, I asked Meeks about his legacy and what he leaves behind at UNC.

On Saturday, Meeks faces the obstacle of playing with his brothers for one more game. One more game to add to his legacy at UNC.

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